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5 Reasons You’ll Benefit From Seeing a Physical Therapist

This demand for pain-management drugs has caused the opioid crisis we’re all too familiar with today. Opioids are both dangerous and addictive when taken for extended periods of time or Read More

Shrug Off Shoulder Pain With A Physical Therapist’s Help

Did you know that your shoulders are the most moveable and flexible joints in your body? They are made up of various muscles, tendons, and bones, and they’re pretty complicated. Read More

Is A Painful Herniated Disc Throwing Off Your Routine? PT Could Help

Did you know the spine is made up of 24 bones? Five of such bones are found in the lower back. The spine also contains nerves and intervertebral discs in Read More

Are You In Search of Safe, Effective Pain Relief For Your Back and Neck Pain?

There are many reasons why one may develop back or neck pain. Back and neck pain may range from mild to severe, and you may experience accompanying symptoms. Neck pain is Read More

Are You Curious How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Overall Wellness?

Everyone aspires to live a healthy, active, and powerful lifestyle – or they should, at least! However, this type of lifestyle is not always simple to maintain, particularly for people who Read More

5 Tips For Increasing Energy and Decreasing Chronic Pain

You know how limiting pain can be if you live with it. Fortunately, you can reduce your discomfort while also raising your energy levels by making a few simple lifestyle Read More

When To Seek A Physical Therapist For Sciatica Pain

While sciatica does not always require physical therapy treatments, it can help relieve your pain and speed up the healing process. Did you know that the sciatic nerve is the longest Read More

Running Out of Relief Options For Back Pain? Physical Therapy Can Help!

Back pain and discomfort costs the world’s economy 149 million workdays, according to the World Health Organization. This problem is extremely prevalent; in fact, 60-70 percent of individuals in developed Read More

Arthritis Pain Shouldn’t Control Your Life. With Physical Therapy, It Doesn’t Have To!

Are your joints are painful, achy, or weak? You could be living with arthritis, and you’re not alone if this is the case. In reality, people are diagnosed with more Read More

Sick Of Depending On Opioids For Pain Relief? PT Can Provide a Safe, Natural, and Effective Solution

Opioids create dependency as they do not solve painful issues. This is a frightening time, but there is a solution. As we all know, our country is dealing with an opioid Read More

5 Ways Stretching Can Provide Pain Relief and Improve Flexibility

Do you stretch regularly? If you don’t, know that you’re not the only one slacking off on this vital aspect of exercise! Stretching is an important element of physical therapy. Targeted Read More

Did You Know Physical Therapy Can Alleviate Pain and Discomfort?

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel achy? While aches and pains are common from time to time, waking up every morning with them can indicate a Read More

Are You Searching For Ways To Improve Your Life? Here Are 6 Benefits Physical Therapy Can Offer!

Do you need to heal from a recent accident or surgery, but you’re having a hard time doing it alone? Have you noticed that your muscles are aching or sore Read More

Headache Pain Is No Joke. Find Freedom Through Physical Therapy!

Have you been suffering from debilitating headaches? If so, know that you are not alone. It is no secret that headaches can cause limits to your daily life. In fact, Read More

Sprains and Strains Can Cause Long-Term Pain…But With Physical Therapy, They Don’t Have To!

Does this scenario seem familiar? You’re walking down the sidewalk, when suddenly – your ankle slips off the curb. You feel an immediate twinge of pain, but you’re unsure whether Read More

Combat Inflammation From Arthritis Through Physical Therapy Treatment

Are you living with arthritis? If so, you know how much it can control your routine. Arthritis can be extremely limiting to a person’s life, and unfortunately, it is a Read More

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