Neurological Conditions

Have You Been Diagnosed with a Neurological Condition? Physical Therapy Can Help!

Here at Back In Action Physical Therapy, in Ocean Pines, MD our physical therapists are trained and specialized in the treatment of patients diagnosed with neurological conditions that cause movement difficulties, either due to an injury or ailment surrounding the nervous system.

The goal of physical therapy for neurological conditions is to restore as much function as possible, in order to help you regain independence, and move freely.

We can help you find comfort in the fact that you will be receiving treatment from experts in the field. Our attentive physical therapists will be able to assess your condition and develop the best plan of care for your specific needs.

For more information on how our Ocean Pines, MD physical therapy services can benefit you and help you reclaim your life, request an appointment today!

What benefits can physical and neurological therapy provide?

Neurological therapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment method that analyzes brain activity in order to determine how it can be changed to help improve your function. Neurological therapy can assist with determining the areas that need work. Physical therapy helps improve those areas.

With Neurotherapy, an EEG is used to measure brain activity and create “brain maps.” Physical therapists and neurological therapists often work closely together in order to create the best treatment plan possible for each patient.

If you decided to see a physical therapist for treatment following a neurological injury, you can improve your function, perform targeted activities, and regain your independence much faster than you would without therapy! Physical therapists specializing in neurology work with patients who have a wide range of neurological disorders, including, but not limited to the following:

Ready to get started on a treatment plan?

At Back In Action Physical Therapy, our physical therapists work closely with neurological experts to provide the best treatment possible for you. If you are suffering from a neurological condition that is causing restrictions in your life, or limiting you from living the life you want to live, don’t hesitate to contact our Ocean Pines, MD physical therapy office today.

Request an appointment to meet with one of our dedicated physical therapists to find out how we can best manage your pain symptoms and help you reach your fitness goals. You don’t have to suffer in silence. In fact, you don’t have to suffer at all. Find relief today.

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